The Solar Energy Room

The solar energy meeting room is our larger venue, with a capacity of up to 30 individuals. The room offers plenty of natural light, flexible seating arrangements and a cosy environment for your corporate events, training sessions and workshops.

The Wind Energy Room

The wind energy conference room offers you peace, productivity and presentation tools for you and your team. The venue is the smaller of our two spaces and is ideally suited for functions up to 15 people, and the space is intended for board meetings, round table discussions and business meetings.

The Whole Green Venue

We offer an option to book the entire venue with a maximum capacity of 50 people, and this mode gives you a greater degree of flexibility for space utilisation. You can plan your day accordingly, with breakout sessions and coffee breaks. It is ideally suited for larger corporate gatherings and functions.

Book the Venue

Book our green conference rooms for your corporate events, trainings and workshops


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