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Why Do We Exist

Why do we exist

Drawing from advanced experience in the field of sustainable design, “Esco-S” helps consumers to create more environmentally sensitive structures, Esco (Energy Service Company) principle-based comfortable living and working environment and cost-efficiency of the building project. During its five years of existence company steadily provides engineering including MEP, supervision and project management services for all types of residential, commercial, public or industrial building projects.  “Esco-s” operates in accordance with European Standards (EC codes) and its approach is based on best practices in the modern world. “Esco-S” employs a team of experienced professional engineers and researchers who provides a full package of engineering/consulting services for design-realization-operation of financial and technical models, Energy Management and IAQ, Property and Risk Assessment, Project and Construction Management. Team in providing MEP planning as well as implementation and maintenance supervision of engineering systems for many large scale building projects throughout Georgia, the Middle East, the Caucasus region and Eastern Europe.

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