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The Esco-S' Model of Service

The Esco service model entails full green rehabilitation by achieving total Esco financing. Esco-S Ltd. has the ability and readiness to empower prospective customers to achieve it in case they are interested in transitioning to this model. The Esco-S offered model covers the identification of cost-effective energy consumptions solution, design, implementation and daily management.

Esco is a type of service that ensures cost-efficient results in the energy management of residential, industrial and municipal buildings.

In the process of implementation of ESCO solutions, our company Esco-S Ltd. ensures:

Energy Audit

The Planning of Implementation of Energy-efficient Measures

Development and Execution of a Technology Renewal Project

The Development and Execution of Financial Models for the Implementation of Energy Efficient Measures

The Achievement of Guaranteed Financial Savings for Clients via the Implementation of a Daily, Uninterrupted Energy Management

In implementing a guaranteed energy savings model, savings are achieved with financial guarantees of a client with the support of donor or loan funding sought by Esco-S Ltd.

The technical risks of implementation are mitigated by appropriate financial guarantees provided by Esco-S Ltd.  Based on the methodology, the client achieves money savings and pays for financial loan interest rates/Esco-S Ltd.’s commissions and increases a profit margin with achieved savings.

The offered business model entails two models of financing for Esco contracts; please refer to the diagrams below:

Guaranteed Savings Model

Shared Savings Model

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