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Gori, Georgia

Housing Settlement of Internally Displaced Persons in Gori

Opened: 2009 | Use: Residential | Design: Esco-S

After the armed conflict between georgia and russia in august of 2008 urgent need to provide housing for internally displaced persons aroused. German technical cooperation was one of the organizations involved in solving this task. New technology center was the company that took part in a bid announced by gtz and received a contract on roofing of 300 houses in city of gori. The task assigned by gtz involved construction of 300 houses for idps in just 180 days. Building materials, technologies
and installation techniques were required to meet european building codes recognized in georgia. To meet the strict requirements company had to accomplish the following tasks: – supply of project with high quality building materials meeting the european building codes – providing construction and installation works with qualified staff in large amounts – meeting 180 day deadline of the project

Due to the fact the project had to be completed in only 180 days and a portion of this time was devoted to setting up house foundations and walls, various works had to be conducted simultaneously. Based on these conditions company chose to use wood frame construction technology and prefabricated building components: roof structure was engineered with support of swedes office of mitek industries in trusscon/roofcon software according to european norms. Such approach enabled use of relatively small section timber joined together at production facility with metal connector plates. Production of trusses and building components at the production facility using specialized assembly tables and presses provided quickness of manufacturing of similar components as well as controlled environment that significantly decreases a chance of mistakes and errors that
may arouse at the construction site. In addition this approach enabled to simultaneously start work on roofing with other construction works at the site (foundation, brick walls, concrete etc). At the same time nearby the construction site a training center was set up that provided involvement of house beneficiaries in the installation of roofs for their own future houses through practical and theoretical trainings. In addition to socio-economical effects this approach enabled increase in cost-efficiency and decrease time required to complete the project. To achieve energy-efficiency, sandwich panels conforming to european building codes and equipped with thermal insulation layers as well as wind and vapor membranes were used.


New Technology Center - First Large Scale Project in Caucasus, Combining Sustainable Architecture and Innovative Engineering Technologies

Opened: 2009 | Use: Building| Design: Esco-S

During the planning and building of new technology center, company used innovative building technologies and green architecture principles. Much attention was given to secondary usage of the building materials. Natural ventilation and solar illumination are maximally used in the building. The center is equipped with rain water collection system through green roofs and treatment of waste water that ensures independency of building from central water supply. In order to reach high insulation levels the building is equipped with systems of isolation panels and ventilated facades.

With the aim of reducing energy dependence of the new technology center renewable energy technologies such as wind generators, solar tubes and solar energy collectors are used. Another interesting feature of this building is the use of structure that involves combination of reinforced concrete with timber frame. Use of floor trusses enabled engineering team
to avoid inner bearing walls, studs and columns that in turn provided decrease in installation time and costs related to on- site construction. Moreover floor trusses made it possible to install electricity systems and communication into the spaces inside the trusses. This innovative building of 3000 sq. M. Area serves as a head office and showroom of the company.


Beirut, Lebanon

1500 Family Green Social Housing Project

Opened: 2014 | Use: Residential Housing | Design: Esco-S Ltd.

One of the projects of Esco-S Ltd. in 2013-2014 involved the establishment of ecological (green) housing in various municipalities of Lebanon. The project is fully prepared by Esco-S Ltd. at the request of Green Future Lebanon Holding. Its interest is the construction of 1500 residential houses for various social groups in different Lebanon municipalities. Housing shall satisfy standards of sustainable construction and represent low-emission buildings. The project is commercial and involves 70 % financing of costs by a beneficiary, with the remaining costs co-financed by UNDP and the Lebanese government.

Housing is designed considering Lebanon’s ethnographic, geographic and geophysics requirements. Construction methodologies are based on British and European building codes.

Choice of construction methodologies was carried out considering opportunities of implementing European building technologies (prefabricated building components, doors, windows, inter-storey and roof trusses, wall panels, domestic and construction waste recycling etc.) in Lebanon through the arrangement of appropriate training courses.

The project is based on a single house case and is composed to optimize the consumption of water resources, production of carbon emission, waste management, consumption of electricity, and values of environment-friendly and healthy housing during construction and habitation periods. The role of Esco-S Ltd. was to provide conceptual design, technical consulting, engineering solutions, project implementation supervision and logistics administration for each house and settlement.

Telavi, Georgia

Energy Central operating on renewable energy in the centre of City of Telavi

Opened: 2017 | Use: Demonstrational Green Recreation Zone in the town of Telavi | Project Idea and Execution by: Esco-S Ltd.

Venue: Telavi, Telavi Municipality
Implementer: Enhancing Capacity for Low Emission Development Strategies (EC-LEDS) Clean Energy Program, Winrock International
Project Beneficiary: Telavi Municipality
Energy Central Components:
– Small-scale wind turbine
– Photovoltaic panels
– Power Battery
– Solar panels for thermal energy
– Heat pump (combined with solar heating to form a geo-solar system)
– Buffer tank
– Water heating tank
Energy Central operates on renewable energy in the centre of the Town of Telavi

Energy Central showcases the mixed use of the following renewable energy sources:
– Wind for electricity production
– Solar for electricity production
– Solar for thermal energy production
– Environment for thermal energy production

Annual thermal energy production is estimated at 48,180 kWh, and electric power at 12,400 kWh.
Total emission reductions from the project activities are 11.02 tons per year.

Telavi, Georgia

Heating Station for Kindergarten in Pshaveli Village of Telavi Municipality

Opened: 2017 | Use: Heating Station | Idea and Execution: Esco-S Ltd.

Project funded by USAID for CoM signatory – Telavi Municipality

System of hybrid utilization of solar and biomass sourced energy and consists of the following:
– shredder for biomass,
– small-size biomass chips’ storage,
– biomass boiler,
– hot water storage tank, control and monitoring system
– and photovoltaics that will supply the system with the required electricity

Using biomass and solar energy replaces the use of natural gas and generates 71,997 kWh annually. Annual production of electricity by Photovoltaic panels amounts to 849 kWh. Total emission reductions from the project activities are 28.8 tons per year.

Akhaltsikhe, Georgia

Establishment of a Pilot Solar Power Farm on the Territory of Akhaltsikhe Fortress

Opened: 2015| Use: Solar PV station | Idea and Execution: Esco-S Ltd.

The project that involved designing and installing a solar PV station of 38.25 kW at the cultural heritage was funded by the Municipality of Akhaltsikhe and implemented by Esco-S Ltd. in July-October 2017. Based on simulation results, annual power production amounts to 56.6 MW while the annual yield on the installed capacity of 1480 kWh / kWh pic/year. Annual savings accumulate 56980 kWh, which amounts to year 11965 GEL. CO2 emission reduction as a result of the project implementation is 11,9 tons per annum.

Bolnisi, Georgia

Utilization of Solar Energy Through Centralized Solar Farm in Bolnisi

Opened: 2017 | Use: Heating Station | Idea and Execution: Esco-S Ltd.

Project: Utilization of Solar Energy Through a Centralized Solar Farm in Bolnisi
Venue: Bolnisi, Kvemo Kartli Region
Implementer: Enhancing Capacity for Low Emission Development Strategies (EC-LEDS) Clean Energy Program, Winrock International
Project idea and execution by Esco-S Ltd.
Project Beneficiary: Bolnisi Municipality
Activities by Bolnisi Municipality:
Windows’ Renovation in Kindergarten building
LED lighting installation on streets leading to administrative buildings
Power station components:
65 PCS of Photovoltaic components of 255W. 24 V, 40X970X1670mm with a total capacity of 16.5 kW
Inverter 3phase, 15 kW

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