Esco-S team of,,Green Engineering Center’’ provides assistance to commercial bank clients in Green Restructuration of their businesses in the frameworks of the EU4ENERGY project:, Green Consulting’

June 30, 2020

The Esco-S team helps TBC and Basis Bank customers to elaborate grant applications and assists in Green structure transformation of their business within the EU4ENERGY, Green Consulting’ project. 

In total, 20 companies will be transformed into Green businesses as a result of Consultations covering green restructuring process implementation for the industrial sector (Construction, Mechanical Engineering, Food Industry, etc.) Consultation costs are fully funded by the grant program.

..Geobuilders’’ Is one of the beneficiaries of the grant program, who will receive the full consultation package including energy management detailed analysis; Staff training, Development of the green restructuration, and implementation. Energy balance will be calculated for a single pilot residential building that will shortly come into a zero-emission phase.

Due to Covid 19 regulations, project-related work is being implemented online. Project experts carry out the activities following relevant filters and provide,, Geobuilders ‘’ management with periodic updates. 

,, This is a significant challenge for our company in terms of Green Restructuration, We hope, that the transformation will enable us to respond to the requirements of the new law on,, Energy Efficiency’’ . We are pioneers in this regard. We got introduced to several innovative approaches in the construction and development field, that have clearly shown us the attractiveness and advantages of an energy-efficient perspective for the implementation of resource-effective management methodology. ‘’ stated Mr. Levan Tsaava, director, LTD GeoBuilders.

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