Esco-S launches construction of two small zero-emission factories in the Bazaleti Green Engineering Centre area.

From 2023, first-class enterprises will be legally obliged to carry out mandatory energy audits under the law on, Energy Efficiency’’.

 Esco-S envisages becoming a leader in the energy audit field, for this, the decision on construction of Green Engineering Center with two demonstration zero-emission enterprises was made. This implies, Operating a hybrid ( Solar, Biomass, natural air, Electricity, Thermal pump) energy consumption energy central, that enables the functioning of effective district heating systems. The innovation can be seen in the concept of the centre, as it also involves two demonstration zero-emission enterprises for the production of Georgian Cider and distillation. Both enterprises are settled in registered green buildings with minimal energy consumption built according to soil compaction technologies. The idea of the centre could give rise to the replication of innovative approaches generated by the Green engineering centre team by Georgian industry representatives in their enterprises. It should be mentioned, Recently, that French expert Mr Vincent Julien has been involved in the production processes management. Mr Julien who is a wine technologist will be leading the piloting of the Apple and Peer cider zero-emission enterprise. The machines for piloting are already purchased, the first 10 tons of fruit are in the fermentation process. We are going to take consistent steps in Georgian cider production, carefully checking on the indicators of success:

We believe, that synergy of these three components will gain a unique sense of Georgian cider brand identity. From March 2021, German Biochemist, Hans Albrecht Hoffman will join the Esco-S team to be in charge of managing biochemical processes during fruit juice and high-quality fruit spirit production. This would be a solid advancement for Eco-S to position itself as a highly competent consulting company providing consulting services to different industries.

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