Blueberry Distillate – ,,Seeder’s Distillate’’

Dry Distillate – ,,Seeder’s Distillate’’

Blueberry Distillate – ,,Seeder’s Distillate’’

Alcohol Content 49.0%

Attention: Serve chilled. To regulate the level of the alcohol or the sweetness, dilute the cider with the accompanying apple syrup or an apple distillate as you’d like.
The product is developed by Cider Club Bazaleti Specialists based on the Blueberries harvested on 2023 from Seeder’s Agricultural farm producing blueberries, Black and Green Tea and hazelnuts in Laitiuri, Guria region of the western Georgia. The product is based on fresh berries cultivated in a natural manner with pollination using Georgian bee species and green farming technologies.
Both companies are using environmentally sustainable technologies; Seeder farm and Bazaleti Cider Club are using solar energy during the growth and production of their products.
The chemical-free raw fruits are picked directly from the farm plantations. By using cold mechanical pressing, the nectar obtained through organic methodology is stored in the glass bottles just after the first-hand fermentation.

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