Production Practice Based Teaching Opportunities at Green Engineering Center’s Energy-Efficient Heaters Enterprise of Chanadirtkari.

Green Engineering Center will train adult citizens in the professions of the welder and painter in the frameworks of the program Production Practice Based Teaching, For this purpose, the meeting was held  between Georgian  Professional skills Agency and Bazaleti Green Engineering Center.

During the meeting a long-term opportunities for the development of  dual teaching at Chanadirtkari energy-efficient technology Enterprise were discussed.

,,These are the professions of the future, the respective labor market will be even more developed when the law package for economic advancement,  adopted by the Georgian Government will be fully taken into  force’’. Mentioned Mr. Zaal Kheladze, The director of Green Engineering Center.

,, The development of competence and work based teaching and coorporative teaching principles are  the key directions, that are openly supported by the Government of Georgia, helping entrepreneurs to promote those fields.’’ Stated Mr. Petre Tsulukidze, The coordinator of the dual teaching direction of the agency. The similar  topics were discussed by the speakers Mrs. Ana Shengelia (The manager of adult education direction) and Mrs. Khatia Tsiramua,( The consultant of competence and work based  teaching ) Prof. Zaza Tsiramua, covered a financing opportunities in his speech during the meeting. At the end of the meeting the agreement of Cooperation based on PPP principles between Bazaleti Green Engineering Center and The Georgian  Professional skills Agency was  made.






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