Esco-S Launches Production of Fresh Cider at Bazaleti Green Engineering Enterprise

Bazaleti Green Engineering Center Zero emission enterprise started producing ,,Fresh Cider’’. 1000 bottles of apple and pear cider have already been placed to company’s own storage for second round fermentation, In the near future same amounts of pomegranate and kiwi ciders will be stored for so called maturation phase.

The enterprise utilizes energy almost with zero emission principle and considers to be unprecedented not only in Georgia but outside the country’s borders as well. In the few months the enterprise will be operating in accordance with defined parameters.

,,The product is attractive not only for Georgian fruit and their unique taste and organic features, Zero emission factories are rarity in Europe. We produce cider with zero impact on the environment, meaning that production processes are fully driven with renewable energies. Besides, waste products are being composted and the water is re-cycled, cleaner production approaches are being implemented.

,,I’m proud to be a member of this team and have an opportunity to lead production processes management, that definitely, goes beyond wine-making and is unprecedented in terms of the essence of production methods. I’m glad that during the production process we come in full compliance with the fundamental principals of circular economy. I can freely say, that we are creating a healthy future for our children’’ states Mr. Vincent Julien, French expert, The director of Green Engineering Center wine demonstration enterprise.


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