Esco-S developed the concept for energy-efficient rehabilitation and implemented a pilot project in Keda municipality public schools.

February 10, 2021

With the support of the Austrian Development Agency and UNDP, Esco-S  Green Engineering Center is elaborating on green rehabilitation opportunities for Keda public schools in the Adjaria region of Georgia. In the frameworks of the project inspection of the target public schools was held and a rehabilitation plan was developed aiming at the improvement of thermal-technical parameters of construction elements (Walls, Roof, Floor, Doors, Windows, etc) for buildings zero energy consumption for the fulfilment of the requirements set by the Law of Georgia on Energy Efficiency of Building signed by the president of Georgia on May 21, 2020.

The concept involves an action document for efficient energy management implementation and maintenance of public schools, as well as, utilization possibilities of renewable energy sources, It also suggests: Simulation analysis, renewable sources generation hydraulic schemes, and the guidelines for schools in earning the green status.

In partnership with CENN, Green Engineering Center piloted boiler system energy-efficient rehabilitation in village Zvare public school, using nutshells as a fuel highlighted the basis of the circular economy that implies a reduction of waste managementFor ensuring the replication of the pilot project,  training was held for teachers of natural sciences in Keda public schools afterwards. 

,, Similar projects will slow down the growing tendency of depletion of forest grove areas due to the unsustainable acquisition of wood (firewood and commercial) resources leading to raising natural, ecological, socio-economic, and energy risk, as well as losses in state budgets.

Introducing a sustainable woodland management practice, and the development of production markets for sustainable biomass energy resources and energy-efficient and renewable technologies could be the right solution’’. Says Zaal Kheladze, Director of Green Engineering Center.

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