The agreement was made between Esco-S and Green Growth Foundation technical assistance program.

The agreement was made between Esco-S and Green Growth Foundation technical assistance program.

The goal of the agreement is to promote the development of the strong energy efficient and renewable energy market in Georgia.

Esco-S was granted with the financial assistance of EUR 10.000 .

In the frameworks of the project Esco-S will be handed with the consultation package, That includes consultations of International experts.

The consultant will study the technical project of production process, developed by Esco-S, upon which he/she will present the protocols for ensuring the quality and safety of full chain of  production process, The protocols will be introduced in the newly established enterprise by Esco-S afterwards. This will enable the company to ensure the provision of specifically designed, high energy-efficiency and safe biomass ovens to the beneficiaries of the project financed by the Green Climate Foundation.

In order to certify the ovens mentioned above, It is necessary that the quality and safety provision  plan provided by the consultant is in line with the European Standards of Production quality, safety control and certification of energy-efficient ovens operating on solid fuel. ( PREN13240(MAIN) and  HAACCP). 

The following actions will be taken by the consultant:

. Esco-S will purchase the standards, that will be introduced afterwards

The consultant will elaborate three different types of protocols on the basis of the technical documentation of the production process and  the requirements implied in the above mentioned standards:

The elaborated protocols will be oriented on the critical components, defining the quality and  the safety of the product , as well as are responsible for energy-efficiency.

The consultant should prepare a specific material for the training connected with the protocols and should deliver the trainings for  Esco-S staff.

The consultant will prepare the guidance for Oven Installation and Maintainance,  The guide will cover the instructions for oven exploitation and 2-3 minutes long video instructions on the similar issues.

The document for the management of exploration  processes of  the laboratory defining the technical features and energy efficiency  for  ovens and bio-fuel- is the key solution for the a big challenge, that enables providing professional solution to the  second  component of the Green Climate Foundation grant project FP132: Enabling Implementation of Forest Sector Reform in Georgia to Reduce GHG Emissions from Forest Degradation.


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