Esco-S Introduces Green Management Principles in Horeca Sector

Esco-S Green Engineering Center launched a learning course in organic food preparation. The course is led by German chef Gunter Pomp. The course represents our company’s new statement in terms of introducing green principals in Horeca sector.

Esco-S is planning to present one more unit in low emission industry the  ,,Cider Garden’’ on the premisies of 0 Emission Demonstration Center.

It should be mentioned, that the chef, Gunter Pomp is developing the menu upon the test instructions for cider and fruit distillates created specially for Esco-S drinks by French sommelier  Mernis Pure.

Gunter Pomp provides consultations to Georgian colleagues within German Economic Unification Support Program of German Government.  The project is particularly designed for Esco-S and envisages  organizing sustainable principles in Horeca sector.  Project serves to    promote utilization of bio-degradable packaging materials, Waste-less management, Organic Bio-Engineering principles and introduce opportunities for sustainable management system implementation.

  1. Development of theoretical and practical knowledge and skills related to tour hosting, organizing coffee-breaks and Buffet type receptions
  2. Engineering of organic menu for outdoor fast food infrastructure conceptual planning
  3. Engineering of complex menus integrated with Cider and Schnapps using Georgian and European cuisines principles.
  4. Elaboration of degustation menus using Georgian unique spices.
  5. Identification and development of taste features of wild fruit, herbs, Separate edible elements for Cider and Schnapps gift boxes (dried fruit, herbal tea, Dried meat, Smoked cheese , etc)
  6. Elaboration of organic menu taste protocol



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