Cider-More Than a Beverage

Cider making counts centuries, It is one of the oldest light alcoholic beverages made by fermenting fruit. Evidences show that Cider was consumed in the Roman empire, ancient Greece and the Middle East. Today, cider is consumed in the largest quantities in Europe, especially in the United Kingdom.

Cider production is not a popular activity in Georgia, Yet, there are few emerging professionals with big enthusiasm to make a real cider, Freshpressed fermented juice with natural sugar and yeasts, obtained from organic fruits, collected directly from the local agriculture areas and the fruit gardens across Georgia.

One of such pioneers Is ,,Esco-S’’, The company that took a serious approach towards creating a quality product at its own 0 emission enterprise with almost zero impact on the environment, located in the Caucasus mountains, 995 meter above the sea level on the premises of Bazaleti Green Engineering Center, Dusheti municipality.  At the moment, more than 10 types of fresh ciders are being produced Under the label of  ,,Zaal Kheladze Collection’’, the owner of the enterprise, Offering low alcoholic, sparkling beverage with the abundance of flavors of different organic fruits such as: apple and peer varieties, quince, grape, kiwi, feijoa and this is not the end of the list.

By using cold mechanical pressing method, the nectar obtained through organic methodology is stored in the high-pressure bottles just after the first-hand fermentation for the second round. The second-phase fermentation occurs at the storage with specific conditions during 200-240 days, After which the product is ready for the realization. Each of the bottles is accompanied with the relevant fruit syrup to dilute with, in case, one would like to regulate the sweetness of the drink.

Apart from the fact that Cider is one of the pleasant and tastiest beverages to drink, the recent studies have found that there are actual health benefits to drinking cider.

So, real cider doesn’t just taste delightful, but it is good for you too.

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