,,The guide to the Green Technologies’’ was shared with Georgian Educational Sector

Georgian Educational sector received a useful gift from the Esco-S. The ,,Complementary Guidebook to Green technologies’’ developed by the company was published for  a wider dissemination aiming to introduce/integrate the key directions of modern education and awareness in non-formal and formal educational methods for public schools and interested individuals.

Development of renewable energies and energy-efficient technologies represent unconditional response to the acute environmental, economic and social challenges that world population faces today. Progressive green technologies are pivotal for weakening climate change impact and conserving biodiversity, as well as ensuring human well-being and quality of life.

,,The Guide to the Green Technologies’’ is consisted of two parts and is created for formal and non-formal teaching at public school high grades. The guide is designed in a way that it makes it feasible to be integrated with separate disciplines and school public activities.

The first part of the guide explains modern green technologies and their distribution in Georgia. Offering hierarchical solutions to the problems:

In the second part of the publication, Lesson plans along with relevant problems, practical homework and funny questions are presented. The mentioned materials could be used for elaboration of teaching module in Green educational disciplines, creating a foundation for preparation of Green Professionals.

Such approaches will provide high education institutions with a good starting-point for offering new type of Green Professionals to the labor market.

The final part of the guidebook provides tests, problems, solutions and methods for the effective monitoring of the acquired knowledge.



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