Dry Sparkling Apple Cider – Fresh Cider Kekhura

Dry Sparkling Apple Cider - ,,Fresh Cider Kekhura’’

Dry Sparkling Apple Cider – ,,Fresh Cider Kekhura’’

Alcohol Content 4,5 %

Attention: Serve chilled.  To regulate the level of the alcohol or the sweetness, dilute the cider with the accompanied apple syrup or an apple distillate as You’d like it.

The product is made by LTD Esco-S Green Engineering Centre’s 0 emission demonstration enterprise. With almost zero impact on the environment https://www.facebook.com/escosbazaleti   with organic grown and obtained Kekhura Apple variety of 2021 harvest, In Gori Municipality, Georgia.

The chemical-free raw fruits are picked directly from the local household areas and the fruit gardens. By using cold mechanical pressing, the nectar obtained through organic methodology is stored in the high-pressure bottles just after the first-hand fermentation for the second round. The second-phase fermentation occurs at the storage with specific conditions during 200-240 days, after which the product is ready for the realization.

In case of the interest, please, contact us viahttps://www.escos.ge/product/dry-sparkling-apple-cider-fresh-cider-kekhura/

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