Black Plum Alcoholic Drink ,,Vati #8’’

Black Plum Alcoholic Drink ,,Vat #8’’

Black Plum Alcoholic Drink ,,Vati #8’’

Content of the alcohol: 50%; 0.5L ( Zaal Kheladze Collection)

The product is distilled at 0 emission enterprise in the Caucasus, (Georgia, High-mountainous region, Altitude 995 meter above the sea level) located at the Bazaleti lake shore. The product is made with almost zero impact on the environment.

Black Plum fruit was collected through organic means, in Gori Municipality, Georgia,  picked from local farmers’ household areas and gardens.

Distilled in 2016. Aged in 320 L. capacity oak barrel #9. The barrel was filled with distillate in 2015. The evaporated substance was annually re-filled with plum distillate, “Angel’s share’’. Plum fruit was collected in Gori and Kareli Municipalities through organic means, Picked from local farmers’ gardens. The barrel was opened in 2021, from which 50 L. was bottled. The barrel was re-filled with the fruit distillate obtained through similar means in 2021. The barrel was sealed, the next bottling is planned for 2025.

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